Transforming Organizations

Is your organization evolving at the rate required to sustain competitive advantage and meet customers needs? Are you building the ability to transform into your DNA and that of your organization?

This online organization transformation program for is designed to guide you through the process of leading significant organizational change. It is unique in that it focuses on both leader transformation and organization transformation. It provides a comprehensive 7 step process accompanied by field-tested worksheets and reflection questions. It has been tested and revised over twelve years to create a process that makes a high impact on leader’s capacity to transform organizations. The process steps are:

  1. Create a vision and sense of urgency
  2. Recruiting and building team
  3. Analyze situation and strengths
  4. Plan journey
  5. Communicate
  6. Implement and measure
  7. Embed transformation

The comprehensiveness of these exercises coupled with reflection exercises will give you the necessary insight into yourself and your organization to lead your organizational transformation. While this process appears linear, we have found that when leaders work through these steps they often return to earlier stages of the process to clarify and sometimes change details they had originally thought were correct. The structure of our process will continue to challenge you to refine the work you have accomplished in prior tasks. 

The time you spend working on the guide is an investment in your development and your organization’s transformation success. Leading a transformation effort requires reflection and thorough evaluation of both yourself and the organization. This reflection will take time and is critical to your success. The value you ultimately take from this process is closely linked to the time you invest.

This program is highly successful as a stand alone program. To accelerate your organization transformation, you can add coaching or online support for an additional fee. 



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